A remarkable theatrical encounter between an artist and three musicians Four enthusiastic explorers, eager to establish a creative dialogue about heritage, roots, stories and origins. One live improvisation intersecting between moving image, music, the spoken word and sound. Four excellent performers having an honest and frank conversation through their music, writings and artwork. Using instant composing, digital drawing and soundscaping they are able to create an atmosphere that they hardly dared to imagine. Featuring: Ad Colen - Albert van Veenendaal - Yonga Sun en Tejo Verstappen


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Tejo Verstappen – digital artist. performer

Tejo Verstappen calls himself a legitimate schizophrenic, who’s almost constantly but eagerly dividing his time between his digital drawings and his role as front man. The piano has been drinking, for one, pays tribute to the comprehensive oeuvre of singer-songwriter Tom Waits. Whenever he’s not singing, he’s wielding his digital paintbrush, creating a world of nostalgia. A dreamer… with a raised fist when needed. In this new formation, he’s presenting us with something altogether new…. by combining his talents. For him, it feels somewhat like a relief… a unique opportunity!
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Yonga Sun – drums /percussion

Yonga Sun is a musical chameleon. He is praised for his dynamic, inventive and adventurous drumming. Always on-the-edge and in-the-moment he keeps propelling the music to new levels. He is more of a powerful percussive colorist than a drummer in the traditional sense. To him music is like a beautifully flowing river. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, never the same, yet always clear. Communication and interaction are key elements in his approach, relying on daring and trust between the musicians. He utilizes an extreme dynamic range on his quest to combine simplicity and virtuosity.
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Albert van Veenendaal – prepared piano

Albert van Veenendaal (piano, prepared piano) refers to himself as ‘pictorial musician’ because of the epical and cinematic character of his music. Improvisation and composition go hand in hand and merge seamlessly. With an open approach and interaction with his fellow musicians he creates musical constructions that are unconventional and intuitive, displaying his unique style that will instantly be recognized. With his project “minimal damage” he focusses on an enduring investigation into the world of prepared piano, inspired by work and philosophy of John Cage: AvV is also a composer (Calefax reed quintet, Tatiana Koleva (percussion), Miriam Overlach (harp) and many others) and theacher composition at the Utrecht Conservatory.
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Ad Colen – saxophone FX

Ad is a personality in the Dutch jazzscene with his interpretator, compositions and his unique sound on the tenor and sopranosaxophone. Since 1997 he has released 5 albums with his jazzquartet where he showed his capabilities as a composer and saxophoneplayer. In 1997 the Ad Colen Quartet released their debut album “Naked” (Via Records After that 4 more CD’s were released, Eyes Wide Open (2000), Bitter but Sweet (2005). Starting from September of 2008, Ad Colen got to work with a new quartet. The new Quartet consists of Gé Bijvoet. He was joined by bassist Wiro Mahieu and drummer.With this quartet two albums haven been released. In 2010 “Free” and in 2013 “Spark”. All cd’s were received very well by the national and international musicpress. The quartet has played at the international jazzfestivals such as: the North Sea Jazzfestival in the Hague and the JavaJazz festival in Jakarta.Colen’s versatality personal style also shows in the range of other different projects in which he contributes.He performed with modern jazzsinger Masha Bijlsma, a Jazzchambermusic in ensemble‘ Miros Move”, composed for a Theaterperformances. Nowadays he performs with HENK a dutch Jazzquartet of Henk de Ligt and, a new ensemble Freephonique with Albert van Veenendaal, Yonga Sun and digitaldrawingartist , performer Tejo Verstappen. He had a series of concerts with writer Ronald Giphart, choreographer Iris van Peppen,bassist Dion Nijland, Denise Jannah and pianist Rembrandt Frerichs.

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